The World Health Organization advocates kangaroo care for preterm infants

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  WHO actively promote breastfeeding in the neonatal intensive care unit, and promot kangaroo care, in order to reduce the rate of readmission after discharge and the incidence of related diseases. This reporter recently learned from the national health and Family Planning Commission and secretary, the United Nations Children's fund, WHO and the Beijing municipal health and family Planning Commission co sponsored, hosted by No.1 Hospital of Peking University the world premature Day theme activities.

  China's premature birth rate is about 7%, about 1.2 million premature infants born each year, ranking second in the world. With the full implementation of the two child policy in China, the number of births will continue to increase ,the proportion of maternal at older age will be increased significantly. In view of this, the national health and Family Planning Commission will continue to implement the neonatal resuscitation. Early neonatal basic care, premature intervention research project started; neonatal safety projects, and vigorously promote the care of premature infants appropriate technology; develop< prematurehealth care standards > , improve health management level, prevent and reduce premature death and disability, improve the quality of life in preterm infants.

  According to reports, kangaroo care is put the premature prone to mother or father's breast, a full skin contact nursing method.Such method can keep the premature infants to maintain body temperature and stable vital signs, promote the central nervous system development, help the infants with parents to establish emotional ties, increase the success rate of breast feeding.

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