Death race: 33 days Baby were critically ill notice, several cities hard word for rescue life!

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广西快三开奖号码查询   Yesterday (November 21) night, rain, temperature drop to zero, a help information in W-blog, affects the heart of the drivers in the Henan province.a child born 33 days at PingYu,Zhumadian , due to congenital heart disease with emergency infection ,was send to Zhumadian Pingyu People's hospital intensive care unit, critically ill notice has been given, be badly in need of courtyard of zhengzhou, but affected by the fog,high-speed road closed last night till this morning, unable to go to Zhengzhou.

  Henan traffic radio as the province's emergency radio, confirmed the news immediately and respond asap, a linkage of the province's rescue is ready starting...


  a.m.11:00, Henan traffic radio phone to Ms. Ma- the mothers of children , she said in the attachment, sick boy, congenital heart disease, pulmonary hypertension, unresponsive, can not breathe independently ,shock many times from yesterday to today morning,at a.m.11:00,the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University ambulance pick up the experts and then wents to Pingyu,Zhumadian


  At p.m.14:15, Henan traffic radio reporter noted that , Zhengzhou city children's Hospital ambulance has arrived at the Zhumadian Pingyu people's Hospital, the expert and doctor rescue the children, and planing tranferred to Zhengzhou Children’s hospital after half an hour.


  At p.m.14:30, Henan traffic radio phone to Ms. Ma- the mothers of children, she said , they are in an ambulance from Zhengzhou Children's Hospital , No.A1M20C , returned to the The Children's Hospital of Zhengzhou .


  At 14:43, tThe Children's Hospital of Zhengzhou ‘S ambulance No. A1M20C which carried the ill baby back to Zhengzhou.Dr. Chen in the ambulance, the child's condition is stable, a ventilator in the car, 2 hours later,they will arrive Zhengzhou, FM104.1 called for the drivers to give way to this ambulance through the waves of a road to let the car move smooth!


  p.m.16:00 , the The Children's Hospital of Zhengzhou ‘S ambulance No. A1M20C which carried the ill baby, traveling to high-speed section of Zhengzhou, and five kilometers from Zhengzhou new station , two high-speed traffic police detachment in Zheng Dong New District Station pat, Henan traffic radio reporter Yang Guang Chao Xi, has been rushed to the station Zhengzhou district.


  16:46, The ambulance received the Zhengzhou district station , Henan traffic radio reporter Yang Guang/ Chao Xi, followed by the Zhengzhou police car , along the Goldwater Road, agricultural road, peace road, arrived at The Children's Hospital of Zhengzhou


  At p.m.17:00,the ambulance arrived at the hospital, 33 days of congenital heart disease patients into the neonatal intensive care unit.




  The doctor began to save the first 33 days of life......

  Out of the window, rain and wind make the world cold ,but the warm love is continual! We rescue life with love, warm winter !

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