• Name: BB-300 Plus
  • 產品分類: Baby incubator
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Microprocessor based servo controlled temperature system 8’ Color touch screen with skin temperature graph trends Control modes: Air mode and baby skin mode

Humidity control and oxygen concentration control system SPO2 monitoring system

Set temperature, air temperature, baby skin temperature, humidity,oxygen concentration, spo2 and heating power are displayed separately by LCD

Self - testing function, various failure alarms by audible and visual >37° temperature set function

Embedded integrated sensor module

Triple protection for over temperature with separate cut off device, more safety system The inclination of infant bed is adjustable

Double wall hood, 4 operating windows and 2 iris ports Independent locking device for front door

X-ray cassette tray

RS232 connector, Oxygen inlet,1 tray




Each unit is packed in two plywood cases (control unit and cabinet):112*66*98cm
Transport and storage
Environment temperature-10℃~70℃
Environment relative humidity≤80%
Atmospheric Pressure500~1060hpa

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